Rich Hill

In 1863, the People's Party discovered large, multi-ounce, gold nuggets laying on the ground on a mountain between Antelope and Weaver Creak. This mountain came to be known as ,"Rich Hill". It took thirty-five men, thirty wagons and three months just to pick up alll the gold nuggets off the ground and get them to the refinery. The Hill has been giving up gold nuggets for over 135 years.


During the Laramide era, the mountain rose abrubtly to over 2000ft. During this event the Ryolite was replaced with basic granite which brought large gold to the surface in its tails when it penetrated the Greenstone dikes. Today, Rich Hill is comprised mainly of granite, granite-schist, and diorite intruded by aplite dikes, pegamites and apache diabase dikes. As the granite cooled it left open voids along its edge. These voids were filled in by gold-bearing quartz veins of the Mesothermal Quartz-Pyrite-Galena type that follow NNW-ward dipping fault zones.

Magnum Mineral Properties

The Rich Hill mine is our flagship property located on the eastern slopes of Rich Hill and the Rincon #1, just west of both shovel ready projects located in the Weaver Mining District. This is the richest mining district in the state of Arizona .

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